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Jesus' Mission is our Commission


God’s Presence is Our Passion

Our primary value is the presence of God. We believe that if we live for this one thing we get everything. Ministry to Jesus is our highest priority so we live a lifestyle of prayer and worship.

God’s Word Is Our Foundation

The Bible is the final authority for all that we believe and for how we are to live. We believe that the purpose of scripture is to bring us into a deeper relationship with Jesus and transform us into His likeness.

Honor is Our Culture

We honor God’s presence and we honor God’s people. We celebrate who people are without stumbling over who they’re not. We dig through the dirt and find the gold in one another because every person is valuable.

Humility Is Our Character

We are willing to go low to serve others because we understand that we are not here to be served but to serve. Our hearts stay hungry for Jesus because we recognize that we are fully dependent on Him.

Excellence is Our Worship

We do everything with all of our hearts as unto the Lord. We value excellence in creativity and we always bring our best because Jesus is worthy.

Jesus’ Mission is Our Mission

When Jesus left his mission became our co-mission. We want to make disciples of all nations as we preach His gospel and carry His presence to the ends of the earth.